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Think You’re Eating Healthy?

Diet Simplified

Think again. Let’s face it – eating healthy can be really hard. It’s not hard to the point that it is almost impossible. But it seems so hard because it can be so confusing sometimes. New studies would occasionally emerge saying this certain food is good, or this certain ingredient is actually toxic to your body. And then a week later, a new study would prove the opposite. Even some fad and celebrity-endorsed diets often come and go faster than we can keep track of. Eating healthy […]

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Should You Grow Your Own Food?

It’s no surprise that cooking and preparing your own meals is the safest, healthiest, and most budget-friendly bet. When you buy ready-made food, or dine at a restaurant, there is no absolute way to know how it was prepared, what the ingredients are made of, where they come from, and many more. By cooking your own food, you know everything down from the rawest ingredient up to the final preparations of your dish. You can at least know for sure everything that went into its preparation from […]

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How To Eat Like Your Ancestors

 Whether you’re a Paleo diet fan or not, there’s certainly common ground between those who follow the diet and everyone else. And this is all thanks to our ancestors who had to work to get their own food way before agriculture was discovered. Obviously, our ancestors were doing something right when it came to eating and exercise. If they weren’t, humanity would be quite a lot different that it is today, I imagine. Millions of years ago, when earth was still overflowing with natural resources and teeming […]

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Eating Healthy In A World of Processed Foods

They say, “too much of a good thing can be bad” – at least that’s what most people like to believe. And yet they are not entirely wrong on this. We live in an age where food is unbelievably accessible and reachable that we find ourselves scoffing at the thought of queuing in a fast food line for more than sixty seconds. We live in an era where we adore every variety of instant noodles there is on the market that it has made its place as […]

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