Make a List of Go-To Convenience Foods

Even the most prepared people may find that sometimes they’re missing on something. Sometimes they’re out and about thinking they have all that they need for the day but in a few moments, they suddenly feel hungry and forget some essentials that they should be carrying. If you are the type of person who gets constantly hungry, it is important to have snacks on you all the time. You can keep a list of your go-to snacks on your phone, in your purse, or in your wallet of snacks that will work and of course, that are convenient. Sticking to a Paleo snack plan can be quite challenging to do if you are a busy person and are always on the go. Yes, there are a handful of snacks in the grocery that reach some level of nutritional standards, but not all of them may be Paleo-approved.

Make a List of Go-To Convenience Foods

Convenience foods make Paleo easier. Remember, though, that it is not recommended to make a regular meal out of your Paleo-friendly convenience foods. Some of the Paleo trail mix you can check out are avocado oil mayonnaise and jerky. Some convenient ideas also include deli meat, bananas, apples, beef jerky, nuts, hard boiled eggs, and dried fruit. A salad without processed dressing can also be good – try squeezing a lemon on it for flavor.

If you are fond of mayonnaise but are trying to avoid the refined vegetable oils in it, there is the avocado oil mayonnaise you can try as a healthier alternative. So the next time you’re craving for some egg salad, you now have a healthier and delicious alternative for commercial mayonnaise.

As for potato chips, there are potato chips that are cooked in healthy coconut oil instead of unhealthy vegetable oils. If you’re a big fan of chips, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to give them up when following the Paleo diet. Fruit and veggie chips are a much healthier and lighter alternative. You can even make some of your own fruit and veggie chips at home which are much more convenient for you if you’re on a budget or just feeling lazy to grab some in the store.

Convenience Foods

If you are an avid Nutella lover but want to ditch the commercial sugar and oils, there are chocolate spreads that are based on easily-digestible sprouted hazelnuts and coconut sugar. Plus it’s much cheaper, much healthier, and it’s junkfood-free. If you are a fan or pastries for snacks, you may not be a stranger to muffins but sadly, the muffins that we are used to are not a healthy option anymore. The muffins served in your favorite local coffee shop, tempting as they may be, can be detrimental to your health because of those unhealthy sugars within. Not to fret though, as there are a lot of Paleo muffin recipes that are low in sugar and high in nutritional value with regards to Paleo. It never hurts to try and experiment on your own.

If you have been going on Paleo diet for some time now, you’ll find that jerky is one of the staple snacks you can have. As a level-up of the normal beef jerky, there is the Paleo buffalo jerky bites which can be perfect for traveling and also when you need a long shelf life snack for a quick meal. If you want to avoid buying jerky all the time whenever you’re craving for some, you can always make your own and soon you will find that making your own jerky may be an easier, healthier, more convenient, and more flavorful option.

You might also consider a can of tuna, Larabars (a commercial snack bar made from dates), guacamole and fresh veggies, and even a few squares of dark chocolate. There are also Paleo branded goods like the Paleo granola snack. It is grain-free, gluten-free, plus it’s made from cacao nut. It’s the perfect fruit, yoghurt, and smoothie topping. You can also enjoy it with coconut milk for a Paleo-approved cereal option. For the fruity lovers out there, you can check out raw coconut crisps which packs the goodness of healthy coconut into a convenient and tasty snack, plus it’s high in fiber and healthy fats and low on sugar which makes it a very healthy and nourishing snack to munch on if you’re going Paleo.

When we think of a sweeter variety of snacks, energy balls and protein bars often come into mind. Most of grocery stores and snack bars today are filled with of energy and protein bars but once you glance at the ingredient list, you may have some doubts about the nutritional benefits of it all. Yes, there are bars that are considered to be Paleo-friendly but it comes at a certain price if you’re on a budget. Energy balls or bars are just some of the simplest and tastiest Paleo snack there is. If you prefer a more personal and customized flavor to your bars, you can always look up some Paleo recipes to eat on-the-go for you or your loved ones.


Eating out isn’t ideal when following the Paleo lifestyle, but you can do it from time to time without straying from good health. Also you don’t have to ditch your usual snack favorites when you go Paleo. Just look for some healthier alternatives of your usual snack or just make your own. Making your own snack is much more convenient, budget-friendly, and tastier compared to purchasing such snack in the store. Just feel free to consult the Internet for healthy Paleo snack recipes or ask your local snack bar or restaurant for some Paleo alternatives of your usual meal or snack.