Seek Support and Keep Going

When you’re trying to overhaul your lifestyle, it can be tough to go it alone. They say no man is an island and this applies very well to those who want to start on a new diet or fitness plan. They say if you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together. In life, it really helps to have someone you can turn to when you are undergoing some drastic changes in your life, like perhaps changing your diet plan in the long term. Knowing that you are not alone in this journey really helps you feel at ease and brave. It is better to find someone who has the same circumstance as you are so that you can share your goals and achieve them together. Seek someone to go on this journey with you and get a little support. You don’t have to seek as many as people as you can find. It is much better to have a little circle of friends or acquaintances who also share the same struggles with you and people who have experience so that they can share their advice and learnings. The main point is to have someone whom you can trust and seek advice when things seem too hard.

Keep Going

If you don’t have any friends or family members who want to try Paleo, you can always join online support groups. Lucky enough, the Paleo support community is one of the strongest communities online and personal. There a lot of Paleo conferences and meetups held in various cities around the world. You can have the chance to listen to lectures and training of some of the prominent celebrities and researches in the Paleo world. You can also try Paleo specialty products, eat delicious Paleo food, and learn some exciting Paleo recipes you can try at home. Some of the international Paleo conferences are the PaleoFx, the largest Paleo conference in the world to be held in Texas, the Ancestral Health Symposium (AHS), the IHH-UCSF Symposium on the Paleo Approach and Evolutionary Medicine, and the Ancestral Health Symposium New Zealand.

If you prefer a more personal and more intimate interactions with fellow Paleo enthusiasts, you can seek some local groups in your area that meet regularly for some potluck featuring Paleo food, lectures and book-signings of popular Paleo authors, trips to local and organic farms, events at a local Paleo-friendly restaurant, Paleo cooking classes and catering run by Paleo-driven businessmen, and many others.

It can really help to have someone else to share ideas and get tips for sticking to the diet. Having a diet buddy can help you feel more committed and motivated to adhere to your healthy eating plan. The road to a healthy lifestyle, like the Paleo diet, is a rough and bumpy one but having someone to share the trip could somehow make it bearable. Many experts say that having a diet buddy can actually impact the rate of success with any weight loss plan. Once you find your diet buddy, you can make a “buddy contract” that enumerates all your mutual goals and ways you can help each other achieve them. You can include short-term goals like hitting the gym next week and long-term ones such as how much weight you need to lose at a certain span of time or how many miles you like to walk together each week. The goals should be firm and accomplishable together. You can each have copies of your buddy contract to remind yourselves along the way. One important thing to remember is that it is always okay to call it quits with your diet buddy anytime if you feel like it’s not working well with you anymore and you feel like you aren’t moving forward with your goals. The main purpose of a diet buddy is to foster friendship and have fun as you go along your Paleo journey.



Changing your lifestyle is a huge leap and can be a big challenge for beginners. Getting into a new diet plan which is very different from what you have been accustomed is a very drastic move. If you find that you eat something that isn’t part of the Paleo plan, don’t beat yourself up over it. It is okay if you ate potato chips or drank some soda at a certain point in your diet as long as you can replace them with healthy food after. We all make mistakes and bad decisions in life sometimes but the most important thing is for us to learn from those mistakes. That is the only way we can truly mature and grow as human beings. Just get right back to your healthy eating plan and move forward. Feelings such as guilt and remorse when it comes to food will only keep you from being able to stick to the plan long-term. Don’t let negative feelings cloud away your optimism and drive because you know you always have the chance to get back up and start over again. That is the good thing about following a certain diet, if you fail to follow certain rules, you can always replace them with much healthier options afterwards. Always remember that the purpose of a diet is to improve your overall physical well-being but it does not mean you have to compromise your emotional and mental health as well.