Preparing Your Pantry

One of the very first things you need to do once you finally decide to start on the Paleo way of eating is to prepare your kitchen, since this is where most of your Paleo recipes will be conjured. You have to do some restocking in your pantry to make it more Paleo-centric. You have to ditch the usual commodities and goods you often store in your kitchen cabinets to make way for your new Paleo goods. This is one way to stick to your convictions and the very first thing to do is to get rid of anything that is processed and includes grains. If you have read the do’s and don’ts of the Paleo diet, you will now be familiar of which foods you need to dish out of your pantry.

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But of course, it is not mandatory to throw food out of the house and waste it once you go Paleo. If you’re not ready to throw away any food, you can donate it to your local food bank or some charitable organizations. At the very least, if you are not 100-percent committed to the program, you can pack up the food that are not part of the Paleo diet and ask a friend to store them for you. That way, no food will be wasted. Remember that any kind of food is still precious and it would be a big crime to throw food into your trash bin just because you decided not to eat them anymore. Consider the current situation of the world, too. Plus, sharing your food is always the best way to go.

Once you sort out all the ingredients and food that is out of the Paleo circle, it is time to finally let them go. Having those foods out of the house will make it easier to stick to the plan. Now that all of those unhealthy foods are out of the way, you may now stock up on healthy foods to get you ready. As you now prepare to go the grocery, have your shopping list ready with some of the healthy alternatives of foods that you usually buy. Think about the flavors you like and find some Paleo alternatives that can give you the same taste. If you like savory tastes, there are some healthy options you can choose from like beef jerky, carrot sticks, and a variety of nuts. If you are more on the sweeter side, you can try applesauce, dried fruits, nut butters, and banana chips, other fruits that are naturally sweet like figs, raisins, and dates. If fruits still can’t satisfy your sweet cravings, there is always the dark chocolate for you to try. For the sour and bitter lovers out there, citrus fruits and fruit juices are the ones for you. You may also want to choose plain yoghurt, herbal teas, grapefruit, low-fat cheese, or some raw zucchini. You’ll also want to stock up on common ingredients in Paleo recipes such as olive oil, coconut oil, unsweetened almond milk, maple syrup, almond flour, and coconut flour. In addition to having items for the meals you plan to eat, you need to make sure you have plenty of snacks to prevent you from getting too hungry in between meals and going off of the plan. But of course, it is still highly encouraged to have Paleo-friendly snack alternatives. Instead of the usual Lays and other potato chips, there are a lot of healthier options like Brussels sprouts chips, roasted edamame, and veggie sushi. Once you get the hang of these new alternatives, you’ll be looking forward to snack time again. Some other Paleo snacks you can try are homemade oven beef jerky, deviled eggs, Paleo protein bars, sweet potato fries, and zucchini bread bars. Having these staples on hand will make it easier for you to grab a snack and prepare the foods you need for success. You can always refer to food magazines, cooking shows, and of course, the Internet for some recipes you can make at home when you feel like experimenting on your own.

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Some basic rules for you to keep in mind first when preparing your Paleo entry include throwing away goods that are already expired, more than a few months old, you cannot identify what it is, and foods that are on the list of the Paleo avoided foods. One tip for cleaning out your kitchen for Paleo is to remove all foods from your fridge and cabinets at once, and put back foods that will support your Paleo journey. This is also the perfect timing to deep clean your pantry shelves, refrigerator, and freezer. A clean kitchen is a big motivating factor as you embrace a new diet. If you are sharing the kitchen with someone who likes what you are avoiding, you may want to consider setting up boundaries for the both of you or you can use Tupperware containers that are capable of subdividing spaces for different foods. Are you a journal person who likes to keep track of your diet? Then perhaps you can put up a mini-calendar on your fridge to track dates of meals you have cooked and perishable goods you have opened. You can also use the calendar to keep track of how long your leftovers can last in your fridge. These are just some helpful tips you can do as you assemble your kitchen for Paleo living.

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With the recipes, tools, and tips you have learned, you are now ready to make the first step towards your Paleo adventure. If you keep these Paleo recipes in your kitchen, you can now combat your unhealthy cravings and create your own delicious and healthy meals for you and your family.