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Healthy Foods To Eat On The Paleo Diet

Starting a new routine or exercise can be quite intimidating and scary at first. This is also true when taking on a new diet. When you take on any new type of eating lifestyle, it can seem overwhelming figuring out what foods you “can” and “cannot” or “should” and “should not” be eating.   Even more so, it can be confusing when you don’t understand the reasons why certain foods are good for you to eat and while others are best just in moderation. We have to […]

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Big Paleo No No Foods

We have learned that the Paleo diet is centered on natural foods like raw meat and fresh greens as part of our day-to-day consumption. There is a long list of natural foods that the Paleo diet has to offer, from lean turkey meat to fresh fruit like avocado. The thing is, Paleo diet introduces you to a way of eating that goes back to the natural ways our Paleolithic ancestors did. As there is a long list of recommended Paleo diet foods, there is also a list […]

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Yummy Paleo Approved Foods!

  When we think of the Paleo diet, we have this notion that we are compelled to eat food coming from nature stripped down to its rawest and truest form, which could be considered as boring and tasteless for most of the common populace. Imagine taking away all those commercial seasoning and flavoring from our diet, no more sweeteners, no more taste enhancers, no more spices that would a kick to our taste buds – yes, it could make our food taste bland and make our eating […]

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